Ari Moesriami Barmawi, Nurjanah Syakrani, Faren Faren, Heri Budianto


Nowadays, information exchange through electronic media becomes one of communication ways which is frequently used for communicating with each other. Since there are information which have to be kept secret during the transmission while the communication line can not prevent the information against the eavesdropper, impersonating, man in the middle attack, etc, then the way to keep the information secret should be considered. One of methods for keeping the information secret is cryptography. There are many cryptosystems which have been proposed for preventing information against attacker. Two of them are Video Encryption Algorithm (VEA) and Data Encryption Standards (DES) which can be used for encrypting information in either visual or text. However, both cryptosystems still have weaknesses. VEA is less secure than DES, while DES needs more time for processing the video/picture encryption compared with VEA. This paper introduce a cryptosystem for encrypting video/picture which needs less time for encrypting video/picture but has equal security as DES. In other words, the proposed cryptosystem is more secure than VEA. This cryptosystem is a development of both DES and VEA.  Based on analysis we demonstrated that our approach confirmed those above advantages.

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