Maria Anita Yusiana, Fenia Teviana


Creativity is a dimension of child ability in developing science, technological, and artistic. Appropriate parent’s care pattern will optimize child’s creativity. The purpose of this research was to analyze correlation between parent’s care patterns and child creativity’s level at Dharma Wanita Kindergarten Kelurahan Bangsal Kediri. The research’s design was correlation analytic. The populations were all children and parents at Dharma Wanita Kindergarten Kelurahan Bangsal Kediri. Using Total Sampling, it was obtained 132 respondents who fulfilled inclusion criteria. The independent variable was parent’s care patterns while the dependent variable was child creativity’s level. The data were collected by the structure interview and questioners. Those were analyzed using the statistical test of lambda with level of significance ρ = 0.05.

The result showed significance ρ = 0,028, it meant Ho refused, so that there was correlation between the level of child’s creativity and parent’s care pattern at Dharma Wanita Kindergarten Kelurahan Bangsal Kota Kediri. Authoritative parent’s care pattern optimizes child creativity’s level. Further studies are suggested to analyze the other factors that influence the level of child creativity’s level which is not yet studied in the recent research. Those are age, the parent’s education, the availability of facility, and time spent.


parent’s care pattern, child creativity’s level

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