Pemodelan Peningkatan Kapasitas Bengkel Assembly Galangan Kapal dengan Metode Simulasi (Studi Kasus di Divisi Kapal Niaga PT. PAL Indonesia)

Intan Baroroh


PT. PAL INDONESIA as Internationally class domestic industry which is moving on naval architect is always improving its productivity. The background of this research is unreachable production capacity from the target. It is caused by various problems which emerge, such as: idle in time of workers, machines, inefficient time of transportation, unsuitable production schedule, unbalance production line. To overcome the balance production process, the software GPSS can be implemented. This software can simulate the modeling of the non conductive procedure and conduct the new strategy implementation with various scenarios, such as : over time and over day (Saturday and Sunday). The GPSS simulation indicates that the most effecting factor on production capacity improvement is over day (Saturday and Sunday). It is showed on the GPSS simulation result, as the biggest. The analysis of the production scenario shows that the shortened project duration reach until 25.8% with increased production cost until 3.49%.

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