Analisis Kandungan Timbal (Pb) pada Ikan Bandeng (Chanos chanos Forsk.) di Tambak Kecamatan Gresik

Tarzan Purnomo, Muchyiddin Muchyiddin


The fishpond in Gresik used seawater as a source of its hydrology so that it can be polluted easily. Seawaters in Gresik have been polluted by industrial wastes, such as: Pb which is toxic for humans and animals. This research is to identify concentration of Pb in the milkfish, water and pond’s sediment in Gresik. Samples are drawn from three stations purposively. Analysis Pb concentration used Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) with wavelength 283 nm. Concentration of Pb in the milkfish, water and sediment are analyzed by quantitatively descriptive statistics and compared by quality standard (water <0.03 ppm and the. fish < 0.1 ppm). The results show that concentration of Pb in the milkfish meat 0.041 ppm still under the quality standard (< 0.1 ppm), but this at fishpond water is 2.27 ppm and milkfish pond sediment 0.17 ppm which concentration are over the quality standard (< 0.03 ppm).

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