Budidaya Ikan Kerapu (Serranidae) dan Kualitas Perairan

Langkosono Langkosono


The grouper is one of the important economic fish species from Serranidae family. Therefore, some species of the groupers has been cultured, as well as flowery cod (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) and estuary grouper (E. tauvina) in floating net cages. This study was carried out in June to December 2004 at the coastal Kombal Bay West Pemenang Village West Lombok. The result which is based on analysis test “Chi-Square” shows that the length growth is as X² count = 0.697 and X²α 0.05 = 37.652 (Hypothesis Ho received). While analysis results of weight growth, namely X² count = 46.024 dan X²α 0.05 = 37.652 (Hypothesis Ho received). The results of analysis of the length growth and weight of groupers showed that no difference according to period of the surveillance and growth of weight significant difference. Whereas waters quality as support such as temperature average between 26.6 to 30.0 ºC, salinity between 30.0 to 35.0º/oo, transparancy between 3 to 18.0 m, dissolved oxygen 5.0 to 7.4 ml/l, current velocity 0.044 to 0.089 m/s and pH average between 8.3 to 8.4. In this papers will has been discussed fish growth and waters quality.

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