Peredaman Harmonik Sistem Tenaga Menggunakan Filter Aktif Hybrid

Subuh Isnur Haryudo


Development of non linear loading in the application of industry and distribution system as well as harmonic compensation becomes specific attention. Harmonic pollution and reactive power is an important problem in increasing power quality. Hibrid filter combines second order high pass filter and active filter for decreasing harmonic current in the power system. A rectifier is used for generating harmonic current. With this hybrid filter, an harmonic current can be reduced so that the wave current pattern of the source is approximately sinusoidal. Principal of the harmonic current compensation is introduced and proved by simulation. Simulation system with “filter active hybrid single tuned” created gives corelation between harmonic current at the source current and converter current which shows that at active hybrid filter can reduce an harmonic at the source current and in the active filter, there is an harmonic current component.

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