Pengaruh Ablasi Mata dan Penembakan Soft Laser sebagai Biostimulator untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Reproduksi Kepiting Bakau (Scylla serrata)

Maria Agustini


The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of laser shooting to the ovaries, stem of eye, ablation of crab's eye to the level of egg's maturity, the diameter of eggs and the number of eggs Scylla serrata. Program that used in this research is complete random design with six attitudes and four repetitions. Combination of A1B2 (eyes ablation and laser to stem eye), A1B1 (ablation; laser to ovaries), A1B0 (ablation without laser), A0B2 (without ablation and laser to stem of eye), A0B1 (without ablation and laser to ovaries), A0B0 (without ablation, without laser). Samples in this research are female mangrove crab (scylla serrata) that has grown up in other mangrove crab in Pangkah Wetan Kecamatan Ujung Pangkah Kabupaten Gresik. The weight of female crab is about 200 gram, with consideration that it has reach active reproduction period. From the result of the research, it can be conclude that the shooting of laser at 15 m Watts for 15 seconds which dosage is 0,1 J, influences the level of eggs maturity and the diameter of eggs. The best manner is A1B2 (eyes ablation and laser to stem of eye).

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