Analisis Kelayakan Investasi Kapal Ikan Tradisional 30 GT di Daerah Banyuwangi pada Tingkat Suku Bunga Pinjaman Bank 12% Per Tahun (Studi Kasus pada KM Rama Jaya)

Dwisetiono Dwisetiono


Investing on facilities is one of options that must be chosen to enlarge the competitive advantage of a business. Other option is for example, rent the facilities. Both of the options need smart calculation and analyzing. These options must be taken also in the fishery business. This paper presents the calculation and analyzing of investing a traditional fish boat. The data are collected by historical observations and interviews, and analyzed by Net Present Value Method to find the feasibility of the investment of the ship. As a result, it’s found that the ship investment is feasible, with the interest rate of return is 12% annually, and the break event point will be gotten after the number of trips 288, that is equal with 2,6 years normally operation.

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