Wave Speed Estimation using Video Coastal Imagery

Muhammad Zikra


The nearshore is known as the dynamic zone which characterized by a dynamic interaction between waves and underlying bathymetry. The characteristic of bathymetry and its evolution are very important for coastal engineering applications and development. At present, advance video monitoring system technique allows to sample these data automatically, on along term basis and without the need to deploy in situ measurement in a hostile environment. This invention of new digital technology of images from video camera systems can provide information of the shoreward propagation of wave using pixel intensity time series. From this video intensity data, we can measure the wave speed. In this research study, the cross-correlation approach scheme is used to derive the wave speed from video remote observation data sets. This approach is based on maximum cross correlation between two neighboring pixels from each point in time series of pixel intensities (time stack). The result indicated that the cross-correlation formulation have capability to derive wave speed prediction by the mean of multiple estimated of time lag between two neighboring pixels.

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