Dedy Hamdani, SA Kristiawan, Cahyono Ikhsan


Natural disaster causes bridge damage, for instance, flood occurred in Bengawan river in December 26th, 2007 which caused bridge damage of the national road network in Central Java. One of them is Keduang Bridge (path number: located on Ngadirojo – Giriwoyo – Pacitan. The damage of bridge structure elements causes uncertainty whether they are still safe enough. This research is aimed to determine condition rating of Keduang Bridge, to analyze the safety of Keduang Bridge based on pier performance by considering all possible loads combination including horizontal forces due to flooding at a variety of periods and investigate the stability of pier againts scouring. The results show that the bridge has condition rating 4 indicating it requires substitution. Analysis of pier confirms that the pier is structurally safe againts bending momen and shear, having stability in vertical and horizontal direction but having no resistance against over turning. Based on scouring calculation, one of pier tends to be in critical condition event due flooding at 2 years period.


condition rating, flood load, pier stability, scouring.

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