Sunardi Widjojo JB., Subratayati AMF


In clean water distribution system, there is any complicated pipe net system and to know the discharge flow, energy losses and the factor of pipe roughness that will be difficult and less accuracy. Therefore, the approach in solving in the problem is by making a certain model of pipe net, this research made 3 models of pipe nets with pvc pipe and pipe with diameter 0,50 inch as the material. Afterward, the model test was done by 5 times changing the quantity flow in each model. The method in this research is laboratory experiment method by data analysis using Hardy Cross, Hazen William and Blasius. The pipe character was described in form of roughnees coeffisien and the relation between head losses and the velocity. Those relations are stated in the graphic head losses and the Excel program. The result of concord in the pipe character shows that the result of measuring is good enough and the result of analysis is proper with Hazen William and Blasius are very well and have an equal trend for all way.


discharge, head losses, model of pipe net, pipe character, roughness factor.

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