Pengaruh Kompensasi Finansial, Gaya Kepemimpinan, dan Motivasi Kerja Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan pada Perusahaan Manufaktur di Jawa Timur

Slamet Riyadi


This study aims to determine the relationship between financial compensation, leadership style and motivation to the employee’s performance of manufacture’s company. The respondents were managers of middle management at manufacture’s company as much as 110 people chosen randomly from the sampling frame amounted to 152. Data collection techniques using the instrument in the form of questionnaires, for financial compensation variable, leadership style and motivation and employee’s performance. The instrument is calibrated by using the validity of items and coefficient reliablitas. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with PLS Smart package. The results found that: (1) there is no influence of financial compensation (X1) on work motivation (Z). (2) leadership style (X2) has a positive influence and motivation (Z) significantly.(3) there is no influence of financial compensation (X1) on the employee’s performance (Y).(4) leadership style (X2) has a positive and significant influence on the employee’s performance (Y). (5) work motivation (Z) directly to have a significant positive influence on the employee’s performance (Y). These findings have implications theoretically that financial compensation does not significantly influence the work motivation and employee’s performance. Leadership styles significantly influence workers' motivation and employee’s performance. Work motivation influences employee’s performance. Required to implement policies that proportional wage system is good and suitable for the company so that workers increasingly motivated to improve their performance, because as the theory Hasibuan (2006:125), the compensation would apply well to motivate the employees. Leadership is an important factor in providing direction to the employee especially at this present moment in which transparency becomes essential, then the leadership that is needed is leadership that can empower their employees, leadership that can motivate employees is leadership that can foster a sense of confidence of the employee in carrying out his duties each.


Financial compensation, leadership style, motivation, employee’s performance

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