Pengaruh Pelatihan dan Karakteristik Pekerjaan Terhadap Prestasi Kerja Perawat di Badan Pelayanan Kesehatan Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Langsa

Prihatin Lumbanraja, Cut Nizma


Job performance for a nurse is very important. One effort to improve job performance is by following training and develop the job characteristics. Langsa DistrictGeneral Hospital has striven to enhance the job performance for the nurses through training and development of job characteristics, but there is no equality in training and for all nurses and they do not have positive attitudes toward job characteristics, either that can satisfy them push it to improve their performance. Aim of this study to find out how the effect of training and job characteristic on job performance of nurses and to know differences of the performance beetween before and after training at Langsa District General Hospital. The problems to be solved in this study is what the effect of training and job characteristics on job performance of the nurses and differences in job performance before and after training. This research used descriptive survey and the comparative method.The population in this study are all nurses who attended the training with minimal education DIIIof nursing or equivalent. The population is consist of 152 nurses and 63 are chosen to be the samples. The result of the first hypothesis of research show that training and job characteristics of task significance, autonomy and feedback simultaneously have significance affect 32,3% of job performance while the rest equal to 67.7% is not included in this research., partial test showed training variables, job characteristic of task significance, autonomy and feedback have significance effect on job performance and dominant variable is training. The results of second hipotesis showed the difference about the increase perfomance obtained by the nurse at Langsa General Hospital earlier from 81.43 to 81.93 with a correlation of 0.963. The resultsshows that there are significant differences that the nurses achievement before and after training.


Training, job characteristics, job performance.

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