Analisis Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja (Studi Kasus pada Karyawan Restoran di Pakuwon Food Festival Surabaya)

Endo Wijaya Kartika, Thomas S. Kaihatu


Surabaya as the third largest city in Indonesia, become more popular for its culinary industry from the smallest scale of traditional warung until the high end scale of fine dining restaurant. The amount of the restaurant business is gradually increase, this phenomenon makes a good advantage for the local people especially the amount of job opportunity. In the other side, restaurant industries in Surabaya also facing the high rivalry and competition among individual restaurant business. In order to survive from the competition , each business should have its own competitive advantage. Human resource is one of the most important resource to gaining the competitive advantage, since it related with human being at the final result how excellent was the planning process, human aspect will take a final decision for the result of a process. The research is focusing on the relation between motivation and job satisfaction, the writer saw the phenomenon in Pakuwon Food Festival, that some employee feel satisfy with their work, although the working pressure is high enough to make someone resign from his job within 7 days of work. According to the pre-interview, the writer found that the employee feel comfortable with their work because of their workmates is very social and feel like a new small family in working environment. This research used quantitative approach for the data process, and simple linear regression for the analysis. The result of the research is that job satisfaction is significantly affected by motivation.


job satisfaction, motivation, restaurant employee.

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