Oliver K. Ndoen, Denik S. Krisnayanti, Sudiyo Utomo


Sabu Raijua is one of districts in East Nusa Tenggara province with dry climate that have annual rainfall about 997 mm/year and including in low grade (<1500mm/year), with average evapotranspiration about7,259 mm/year. This causes required a water balance analysis in the district of Sabu Raijua.The method that used is a qualitative analysis that is obtained field data analysis and quantitative analysis that is obtained hydrology analysis and water balance analysis that used FJ Mock method and population analysis that used arithmetic method. The data accumulation is primary data (field measurements) and secondary data (rainfall data). This research purpose are show potential value, water demand, and water balance in the district of Sabu Raijua.Based on calculation show the potential value and water demandin the district of Sabu Raijua. The water blance show availability of water resources (assets) greater than water demand(liabilities) so that remaining balance of water is about75.348.506,71m³/year. This shows that the district of Sabu Raijua has water surplus in a year. However, inJuly - November create water deficit, then handling is necessary so that rainwatercan be restrained as long as possible on the mainland and runoff indirectly to the shore


Ketersediaan Sumber Daya Air (aktiva); Kebutuhan Sumber Daya Air (pasiva); Neraca Air

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