Agnes Adhani


Colloquial language is a nonstandard language commonly used by certain groups of society. The language is characterized by the following: oral, informal, situational, communicative, intense, expressive, and emotional. This research is aimed to describe the forms, functions, and meanings of colloquial language used in Kawanku magazine.

This research is qualitative descriptive in nature. The data of the research are words, phrases, cluases, and sentences taken from nine magazines of Kawanku issued in January up to August 2007. The data were randomly collected.

The data analysis shows that (1) the forms of colloquial langage are reflected by the use of specific terms, such as verbs ending in –in, specific adjectives, vocatives, nonstandard lexical units, special abbreviations and acronyms, (2) the functions of colloquial language are clearly evidenced from the use of greetings, closings, questions, requests, and feeling expressings, and (3) special meanings are obviously seen in the use of English in fashion and entertainment.


colloquial language, nonstandard, informal

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