Veronika Agustini Srimulyani


This paper presents a contemporary review of the term commitment from an organizational perspective. The paper highlights the typology of employment commitment and antecedents of organizational commitment. Organizational commitment is a subset of employment commitment, which is comprised of work commitment, career commitment and organizational commitment. Organizational commitment in turn, can be subdivided into affective commitment, continuance commitment, and normative commitment. As a combination of both attitudinal and behavioral approaches, organizational commitment is defined as employees’ acceptance, involvement and dedication (AID) towards achieving the organization’s goals. It is the willingness of employees to accept organizational values and goals, and to work towards achieving these: to be fully involved, to participate in all the activities, both work and non-work related, of the organization, and to dedicate time and effort  towards the betterment of the organization.


work commitment, career commitment, organizational commitment

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