Josefa J. Mardijono


This paper is based on an error analysis of the written work of the English Department students who have finished the seventh semester of a four-year undergraduate English Program. The source of the data consists of seventeen proposals for linguistics researches, as the final projects upon the completion of the undergraduate study year 2001 in Petra Christian University. The purpose of the study is to reveal the grammatical errors and to find out the types of errors and their frequency of occurrence in the students' written work. The errors collected are identified and classified using Linguistic Category Taxonomy as a guideline. To describe the errors, Surface Strategy Taxonomy is employed to explain the ways surface structures are altered. The findings present the types of morphological and syntactic errors, their detailed description, and the frequency of occurrence of each error type. It is hoped that this study will give a new perspective in the advanced learners' grammatical errors, and provide data for teachers and syllabus designers dealing with English Grammar.


grammatical errors, types, frequency of occurrence, Linguistic Category Taxonomy, Surface Strategy Taxonomy.

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