Stevanus Adrianto Tjandra, Henny Linggawati, Tessa Vanina Soetanto


The purpose of this research is to design a selection system for the journals subscribed by Petra Christian University Library. The designed selection system takes into account both technical and economical criteria. In applying the Multi Criteria Analysis in this research, a Multi Atribute Decision Making, that is the Analytic Hierarchy Process technique, is used. The total amount produced later becomes the objective function coefficient from the Binary Integer Linear Programming model with the constraints of the total available budget of the jurnal acquisition.

Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia :

Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk merancang suatu sistem seleksi jurnal yang akan dilanggan oleh perpustakaan Universitas Kristen Petra. Sistem seleksi yang dirancang memperhitungkan baik kriteria-kriteria teknis maupun ekonomis. Dalam melakukan analisis kriteria ganda ini digunakan suatu teknik Multi Atribute Decision Making, yaitu : teknik AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process). Bobot keseluruhan yang dihasilkan selanjutnya menjadi koefisien fungsi tujuan dari model Binary Integer Linear Programming dengan kendala jumlah anggaran pengadaan jurnal yang tersedia.

Kata kunci: analytis hierarchy process, kriteria teknik dan ekonomis, binary integer linear programming


analytis hierarchy process, technical and economical criteria, binary integer linear programming

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