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Immobilisation Of High Level Radioactive Waste Using Synroc Material. The study of immobilisation technology using synroc fo long life of high level radioactive wastes (HLW) was carried out. Synroc is a crystalline wasteform comprising a stable assemblage of titanate phases chosen for their geochemical stability and collective ability to immobilize all the radioactive elements present in high level radioactive wastes (HLW). All basic science studies confirm that the leachrates and-decay damage in synroc relatively very low and acceptable. Development of synroc for waste immobilisation depend on the containing of radionuclides. For the HLW purex type containing of actinides was developed zirconolite, CaZrTi2O7 rich synroc, for the waste containing of uranium and plutonium was developed pyrochlore,CaATi2O7 rich synroc with neutron absorbers (Hf and Gd) were eeded to suppress criticality potential, whereas for the waste containing of Tc, Cs, and Sr (from the heat producing of HLW) was developed hollandite/p rovskite, Ba(Al,Ti)2Ti6O16 / CaTiO3 rich synroc. In Indonesia, adaptation of HLW immobilization technology using Synroc materials will be carried out for immobilization of HLW generated from post irradiation examination of nuclear fuel element a d 99Mo radioisotope production.


radioactive waste management, immobilisation of radi e waste, high level radioactive waste, synroc, ultimate disposal.

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