Niken Silmi Surjandari


Most civil building supported by ground. One of the problem of which is often met by if a civil building put down above soft soil is settlement. Mat foundation is one of the shallow foundation type able to be put down above soft soil. This research used by method is literature study that is comparing some settlement formula. Soil data weared by is skunder data result of vestigation of soil. Geometry foundation data determined, that is as follows: D = 1,0 metre; 1,5 metre; 3 metre; and 2,5 metre ( D is deepness of planted raft foundation in ground). From result of calculation will know by the nature of is special the ach formula and show there is do not it effect float from raft foundation assemble to level of settlement hat occured. From result of calculation can be taken by conclusion for the settlement of immediately Timoshenko-Goodier formula relative more is peaceful used by than Janbu formula. For the settlement of consolidation, Terzaghi formula give result of good if estimated do not occured strain instruct later l. Formula Skempton-Bjerum more is precise used to the condition of where there a e lateral strain. From result of calculation obtained by conclusion that usage of raft foundation at soft soil is to profit because effect float which is generated it can reduce the level of settlement


float effect, raft foundation, settlement, , soft soil

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