Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti, Bambang Suhardi


Human as worker still have important role in production system, especially on manual task. One of the role is manual material handling(MMH) activity. This activity can cause musculoskeletal disorders on the human body, such as muscles, nerves, tendons, bones, joints, and cartilages. UD. Tetap Semangat is small industry that producing “paving” and “tegel”, where all activity production worked by workers. From Nordic Map’s questionaire have found that all workers complaining on any body parts caused by manual material handling (MMH) activity in dieing and shipping depart ent. On the ather hand all worker doing MMH activity with some awkward postures and sking to the musculoskeletal system. The aims of this research are to identificate and to nalysis working postures in dieing and shipping department at the presents. The research used OWAS method to classification work postures into action categories and finding recommended actions for improvement the working posture. The result of this research have identified working po res of workers of dieng department which about 79%-90% working postures categorize into category 2, that is significantly to risk on the musculoskeletal system In shipping department reported about 59%-79% working postures categorize into category 1, that is not risking to the musculoskeletal system. The action is needed to redesign the workplace, because still found working postures that risking to the system musc skeletal. Recommended for actions that must to do is changes working postures at back and legs body part. Those body parts have loads because bending position. To avoid the loads on back and legs, so recommended to changes workplaces that produce the position between hip and shoulder aligned.


manual material handling (MMH), musculoskeletal disord rs, awkward posture, OWAS method, action categories, and recommended for actions

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