KONTROL FUZI PADA WAKTU PENGAPIAN MOTOR OTTO (Fuzzy Logic Control for Spark Advance of Otto Engine)

Agus Sujono


The problem of detonation (knocking) in the internal c bustion engines, especially in the Otto (petrol) engine, that makes som damages, low fuel economy and performance. The detonation can be cause by many things, such as: high compression ratio, low grade fuel, bad combustion camber, low turbulence, large spark advance (timing). Governor and vacuum control Spark timing in the conventional ignition system. It is reliable mechanism, cannot work properly at all conditions. Most of them make detonation occur at low speed and low endurance of the contact breaker. The last technology, electronical device with detonation sensor, replaces the conventional system. The fuzzy logic control can control the detonation by king correction of the spark advance (ignition timing) automatically in all condition of speed and load (throttle). This control is integration of conventional and electronical system of micro controller.


fuzzy, logic, control, combustion, engine, Otto, ignition, spark, detonation

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