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Real estate development needs an exact positioning strategy by knowing the significant factors. Positioning strategy is the combination of marketing actions used to portray the positioning concept to targeted buyers. The factors of positioning strategy in this research are product attribute, product price, product usage, product user, product class, and competitor.

The research was focused on ten real estate developers with spesific criteria, i.e : located in Surabaya City, area bigger than 40 ha, in development stage, and average price of land more than Rp. 550.000,- per square meter. The results show that the highest rating is “consumers income” in “product user” factor with a mean of 3.9. Group A + B, and group B rejected null hypothesis, it means at least one of six factors has a different role. The developers can choose the significant factors such as “location” in “product attribute”. Group A accepted the null hypothesis, it means that six factors at positioning strategy have the same role in the real estate marketing.

There are some differences in the market positioning between group A and group B. This research also suggests the developers who will choose the factors of positioning strategy to consider the external strength and emphasize in “consumer income” and “location”.

Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia :

Pengembangan realestat memerlukan strategi positioning yang tepat dengan mengetahui faktor-faktor yang signifikan. Strategi positioning adalah kombinasi dari tindakan pemasaran yang digunakan untuk memberikan gambaran konsep positioning kepada pembeli yang ditargetkan. Faktor-faktor strategi positioning dalam penelitian ini adalah atribut produk, harga produk, pemakaian produk, pemakai produk, kelas produk, dan pesaing.

Penelitian difokuskan kepada sepuluh pengembang realestat di Surabaya dengan kriteria spesifik yaitu merupakan lahan di dalam kota Surabaya luas lahan lebih besar 40 ha, berada dalam tahap pengembangan, dan harga jual kavling rata-rata di atas Rp. 550.000,- per meter persegi. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa peringkat tertinggi adalah “pendapatan konsumen” yang terdapat dalam faktor “pemakai produk” dengan nilai rata-rata sebesar 3,9. Grup A + B, dan grup B menolak hipotesis null, artinya sekurang-kurangnya ada satu diantara enam faktor tersebut mempunyai peran yang berbeda. Pengembang dapat memilih faktor yang signifikan misalnya ”lokasi” yang terdapat dalam “atribut produk”. Grup A menerima hipotesis null, artinya bahwa enam faktor dalam strategi positioning mempunyai peran yang sama dalam pemasaran realestat.

Ada perbedaan positioning pasar antara grup A dan grup B. Hasil penelitian juga menyarankan agar pengembang yang akan memilih faktor-faktor dalam strategi positioning untuk memperhatikan kekuatan eksternal dan mengutamakan pada “pendapatan konsumen” dan “lokasi”.


strategy, positioning, marketing, real estate

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Obituary: Professor Joseph Andy Soesilo
Founder of Jurnal Dimensi - predecessor of Civil Engineering Dimension journal

Djwantoro Hardjito & Benjamin Lumantarna | Civil Engineering Dimension 
May 25, 2015

ar Professor Joseph Andy Soesilo passed away on Friday, May 22, 2015 at the age of 71, in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Born in Blora, Central Java, Indonesia as Djwa Bian An, Andy came to Surabaya to pursue his tertiary education and received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Petra Christian University in 1972. He was in the first batch of students in the civil engineering department in the university in 1962. He got his masters degree from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, in 1976, and later on his Ph.D from the Department of Geography, Arizona State University, Tempe, USA in 1982.
During his studentship, Andy was actively involed in student movement. Among others, he pioneered the student magazine GENTA in 1964, especially to promote the university to wider community. GENTA is still exist right now, and considered as one of the oldest student magazines in Indonesia. Andy was the first president of the student council in the university, in the era which was characterized with political turmoil in the country.
He joined the Civil Engineering Department at Petra Christian University as lecturer in 1972, later becoming the Director of Student Affairs in the University from 1976-1977, and Director of Research and Community Outreach from 1977-1981.
While at Petra Christian University (PCU), he made major contributions to the establishment of Jurnal Dimensi in 1980, a journal to publish scientific articles, particularly resulted from research carried out by PCU lecturers and scholars. This journal is the predecessor of the current Civil Engineering Dimension Journal and several other journals published by PCU. The establishment of Jurnal Dimensi was visionary and exemplary, as at that time publication of scientific articles has yet to become obligation to Indonesian lecturers. Until his last day, Andy has served as a member of the International Advisory Board of CED journal.
In 1982, Andy moved to USA, to join the Arizona State University (ASU) as a Research Associate until 1988. For twenty years from 1988, Andy was affiliated with Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) as an environmental planner. Following his retirement from ADEQ, He was still lecturing as an adjunct professor at Urban Planning Department at ASU. Together with several friends, he founded Persekutuan Kasih Kristus Arizona (PKKA), Inc., a foundation to help Indonesian Christian schools in the rural areas.
Among his publications are ‘Site Remediation: Planning and Management’ (CRC Press, 1997) and ‘Hazardous Waste Planning’ (CRC Press, 1995). He supposed to present his paper entitled ‘The Role of Municipal WWTPs in Arizona’s Water Conservation’ in the coming ‘The Fifth Euro Asia Civil Engineering Forum’ (EACEF-5) conference, to be held at Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia, from 15-18 September 2015.
Andy, who had lived in Tempe, Arizona, USA, was the husband of Ursula (Lanny) Soesilo and the father of Irene and Stanley Soesilo.


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