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Title :
Constructions of Non-Principal Families in Extremal Hypergraph Theory
Author :
    Dhruv Mubayi
    Oleg Pikhurko

Title :
Long-Tail Buffer-Content Distributions in Broadband Networks
Author :
    Gagan L. Choudhury
    Ward Whitt

Title :
An Accumulation-based, Closed-loop Scheme for Expected Minimum Rate and Weighted Rate Services
Author :
    David Harrison
    Yong Xia
    Shivkumar Kalyanaraman
    Arvind Venkatesan

Title :
An Efficient Algorithm for Sequential Random Sampling
Author :
    Jeffrey Scott Vitter

Title :
Average-Case Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
Author :
    Jeffrey Scott Vitter
    Philippe Flajolet

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