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Title :
Q-L/MRP: A Buffer Management Mechanism for QoS Support in a Multimedia DBMS
Author :
   PÃ¥l Halvorsen
   Vera Goebel
   Thomas Plagemann

Title :
Q-NiGHT: Adding QoS to Data Centric Storage in Non-Uniform Sensor Networks,†Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Pisa
Author :
   Michele Albano
   Stefano Chessa
   Francesco Nidito
   Susanna Pelagatti

Title :
Q: A model for topic maps Unifying RDF and Topic Maps
Author :
   Lars Marius Garshol

Title :
QAGen: Generating Query-Aware Test Databases
Author :
   Carsten Binnig
   Donald Kossmann
   Eric Lo
   M. Tamer Özsu

Title :
QAL: A Query Algebra of Complex Objects
Author :
   Iztok Savnik
   Zahir Tari
   Tomaz Mohoric

Title :
Qbets: Queue bounds estimation from time series
Author :
   Daniel Nurmi
   John Brevik
   Rich Wolski

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