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Title :
C (2006) Synaptic memories upside down: bidirectional plasticity at cerebellar parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synapses. Neuron 52(2
Author :
   Henrik Jörntell
   Christian Hansel

Title :
C and Mohseni K Synthetic jet thrust optimization for application in underwater vehicles
Author :
   Michael Krieg
   Christopher Coley
   Christopher Hart
   Kamran Mohseni

Title :
C APITAL M ANAGEMENT Measuring LGD on Commercial Loans: An 18-Year Internal Study
Author :
   Michel Araten
   Michael Jacobs
   Peeyush Varshney

Title :
c ○ 2005 Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. Manufactured in The Netherlands. The Promise and Perils of Near-Regular Texture ∗
Author :
   Yanxi Liu
   Yanghai Tsin
   Wen-chieh Lin

Title :
c ○ Springer 2005 On Concurrence and Entanglement of Rank Two Channels †
Author :
   Armin Uhlmann

Title :
c â—‹ Springer Verlag. The copyright for this contribution is held by Springer Verlag. The original
Author :
   Peter Meerwald
   Andreas Uhl

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